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Adverbs and Adjectives. Degrees of Comparison

I.                  Which is right?
1.     Don’t eat so quick/ quickly. It’s not good for you.
2.     Why are you angry/angrily? I haven’t done anything.
3.     Can you speak slow/ slowly, please?
4.     Come on, Dave! Why are you always so slow/ slowly?
5.     Bill is a very careful/ carefully driver.
6.     Jane is studying hard/ hardly for her exams.
7.     “Where is Diene?” “She was here but she left sudden/ suddenly”.
8.     Please be quiet/ quietly. I’m studying.
9.     Some companies pay their workers very bad/ badly.
10.Those oranges look nice/ nicely. Can I have one?
II.               Put in GOOD or WELL.
1.     I play tennis but I’m not very ….
2.     Your exam results were very ….
3.     You did very … in your exams.
4.     The weather was very … while we were on holiday.
5.     I didn’t sleep very … last night.
6.     This cake tastes ….
7.     How are you? Are you …?
8.     George speaks German very ….
9.     George’s German is very …
10.Our new business is going very … at the moment.
11.I like your jacket. It looks … on you.
12.This song sounds ….
III.           Complete the sentences with using comparatives of the words from the list. Use than where necessary.
 big                   crowded       early          easily          high            important 
 interested       peaceful        reliable      serious       simple         thin
1.     I was feeling tired last night, so I went to bed … usual.
2.     I’d like to have a … car. The one I’ve got keeps breaking down.
3.     Unfortunately her illness was … we thought at first.
4.     You look …. Have you lost weight?
5.     I want a … flat. We don’t have enough space here.
6.     He doesn’t study very hard. He’s … in having a good time.
7.     Health and happiness are … money.
8.     The instructions were very complicated. They could have been …
9.     There were a lot of people on the bus. It was … usual.
10.I like living in the countryside. It’s … living in the town.
11.You’ll find your way around the town … if you have a good map.
12.In some parts of the country, prices are … in others.
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